ITF Taekwondo Suits

There are many different styles of ITF Taekwondo suits or Dobok as they are better know as The student have there own style of suit which have no black rim around the bottom of the […]

Aqua punch Bag

Aqua punch Bag or water filled punch bags are fast becoming the choice of martial arts & boxing students worldwide. Why  Here are some of the main reasons for a Aqua punch Bag First off and […]

Martial art Baby

Martial art baby showing its moves Never to young to start Need to buy some martial art gear shop here Want to watch more videos than visit our YouTube Channel here

Rayna Vallandingham Taekwondo Champion

Rayna Vallandingham Taekwondo Champion Rayna is the youngest black belt martial artist to attain 12 World Championship Titles. In 2011, at age 8, Rayna Vallandingham Taekwondo Champion is a World Champion. Rayna won 4 World […]