Aqua punch Bag

Aqua punch Bag

Aqua punch Bag or water filled punch bags are fast becoming the choice of martial arts & boxing students worldwide.


 Here are some of the main reasons for a Aqua punch Bag

  • First off and probably the most important reason for an aqua punch bag is they are less stressful on the joints. As water can soak up the power from your punch or kick better than any other substance. This means there is less of the impact going back into your joints. Short term it wont make much of a different’s but long term it can save you a lot of pain later on in life.
  • Next reason at the top of the list is you can get a good heavy bag that wont swing around to much when you hit it. Not like some of the standard lighter hanging bags. That when you hit them the bag nearly hits the roof. Which can be very annoying if you want to get some real power punch’s done.
  • Now this is a good reason on its own. Aqua Bag give a 2 year manufactures warranty on all there punch bags (true at time of posting). Now there’s not to many company’s out there will stand over there product like that. Especially when its a product that is going to be taken a lot of abuse.
  • And here is another good reason. The shipping price of these bags are a fraction of the price compared to a standard punch bag. As all aqua punch bags are shipped empty and all you have to do is fill them with water.
  • Plus an aqua punch bag is suitable for all styles of martial arts & boxing. Due to its shape you are able to preform all styles of punch’s even uppercuts. Plus for martial arts you can use it for knees and all types of kicks.

aqua punching bags

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