Boxing Gloves Ireland

All styles of boxing gloves now available in Ireland. We have boxing gloves designed just for kids with sizes as small as 6oz. Plus we have gloves for the pro fighter in all shapes and sizes.

Here at Ireland we stock and sell boxing gloves for all styles of martial arts and boxing. If its just boxing gloves for training we have you covered. Or if you need a pro pair for competition we also have you covered

Not only do we have boxing gloves we also stock and sell worldwide bag gloves which are designed for training on the punch bags of all styles. Also we have karate and mma gloves to suit all style and sizes.

Also here at Boxing Gloves Ireland we not only sell the glove but we also have many different styles of wraps to protect your hands. And if you don’t like the wraps we have specialy designed glove that do the same job as wraps and these glove are designed to be worn under the boxing gloves.

If you are not sure what style of boxing gloves to choose you can just drop us an email and we will be glad to help. But if its just a case of you are not sure on the quality of glove to choose than you can rest assure that no matter what glove you find here it have been tested to the full and is made to only the highest quality.

Now you can shop with piece of mind when you shop for boxing gloves in Ireland as we also accept returns. So if you order a pair and they just don’t seem to be right for you. You can return them and get a refund or an exchange the choice is yours

Boxing Gloves Ireland

Munster – Connaught – Ulster – Leinster

So if you are looking for boxing gloves and want to shop local you are in the right place here at Boxing gloves Ireland we have all styles for all levels no matter what style martial arts or boxing you do.

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