TC Gold Club

5% to 30 % off products including shipping

Unlimited uses

To cancel your TC Gold Club membership Just email and say cancel my membership

How it works : Just click the button above to join. Once all details are received you will be auto connected to a new page which will display your Coupon Code. This code can than be entered at checkout which will give you 5% of everything. PLUS at certain times of the year we have special discounts which will give you up to 30% off certain products. Your coupon code will adjust automatically for these discounts. You will receive an email when your coupon code goes up to 30% Plus it will be displayed on website. Code can be used as many times as you like. Code is valid for Ireland & UK customers on all products including shipping. (Customers outside of Ireland & the UK will receive 5% of products only as extra shipping charges may apply depending on where you live)

What’s the catch : Well it will cost you five euro to join. But if you buy a single product that’s you already saving money. Plus the more you use your coupon code the more you save. Also you must remain a member for at least 12 months. So please supply a valid email address, as code can get changed and you new code will be emailed to you. See full terms in our terms & conditions page

Benefits of joining the TC Gold Club

Well the main benefit is of course the 5% off everything including shipping. So what else do you get, well every now and again we sell off products that are about to be updated to a new design. So the old design will be sold of at below cost prices. As a member of the TC Gold Club you will be emailed a list of these products. So you will have first preference to buy these products, before they go on website to general public.