ITF Taekwondo Suits

ITF Taekwondo Suits

There are many different styles of ITF Taekwondo suits or Dobok as they are better know as

The student have there own style of suit which have no black rim around the bottom of the jacket.

You only get this black rim style suit once you reach the black belt status.

Most people who do Taekwondo will use a light suit which will allow for faster movement. But if its forms you are more interested in than a slightly heavier suit might be best as this will make better sounds ayou preform the pattern.

Choosing the right ITF Taekwondo suit for you. Its quit easy really If you are just starting out just go for a cheap student style suit. Than once you know you are going to stay at the sport. Than its time to look into the more expensive suits.

A lot of the more expensive ITF Taekwondo suits are made from Diamond Flexz” material (96% polyester and 4% elastane) This allow for good kicking movement. Plus will dry out very fast, so it won’t be loaded down with sweat.

The ITF Taekwondo Suit is unique among modern martial arts suits.
While most other arts that use uniforms like Karate / Judo / and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu use their own variation of a gi.

Taekwondo practitioners wear a dobok. Which means in basis english is that the top is a pull over and not a jacket like other martial art styles.

When choosing the perfect suit. Do not just look at the label or brand as what is good for one person may not be good for you.

Different brand makers of ITF Taekwondo suits will have slighty differnt fits even if they all say they are size 6 they still wont all fit the same.

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