Karate Suits Ireland

Karate Suits Ireland

Karate Suits Ireland

Looking to get a new karate suit. Well look no further here at Karate Suits Ireland we have teamed up with TotalCombat.net to bring some of the best karate suits on the market today to Ireland. With excellent delivery times and low cost. We have you covered here at Karate suits Ireland.

Not sure what style of Karate suit to choose. Here’s some tips to get you started.

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If you are just starting out in karate its best not to spend to much on a suit. Just start of with a 7oz or 8oz suit which only cost between 18 euros and 30 euros.

These suits are good quality and will last you long enough until you decide if you are going to stick with Karate.

When you decide that you are going to stick with karate. Than its time to upgrade your suit.

There is a few different style suits to choose from.

A 14oz suit with a jap style jackets is good for kata. and a lighter suit with a euro cut jack is preferred by most for kumite.

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Here at TotalCombat.net and Karate suits Ireland we only stock and sell online top quality suit.

We know a karate suit is going to take a lot of punishment.

So we test all suits from many different brands to make sure you get the best suit on the market today.

Plus if by some change you are not happy with your karate suit we are happy to refund you or exchange the suit for a different style.

So just because you buy online it dose not mean you are stuck with it. Shop safe with ssl security



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