Krav Maga Is this the best martial art For self Defence

Ever wonder which is the best martial art style ever. Well some people think its Krav Maga. A lot of the martial art moves are scaled back and designed for the street.

Having a martial art style that is designed for the street and nothing but real life situations can not be a bad thing. If you ever speak to someone who has trained in a few different martial art styles.

Ask them which one is the best for real life situations. Most will say Krav Maga. Of course you will always get the people that will just stick with their own martial art style and say its the best. But its the people who have trained in different styles are the people to talk to.

Some of the best people to talk to about this, are Door men also know as bouncers. A lot of these are trained in at least two styles of martial arts, and nearly always one of them is krav maga.

Ask which style has saved them more time than they can count. Most will say Krav Maga. Its real its fast and it works.

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