Martial Art Gear Dublin

Martial Art Gear Dublin

Here at martial art gear Dublin we specialize in all styles from karate to taekwondo.

We got suits in all colors and sizes.

Karate suits which are wkf approved and ITF taekwondo suits for beginner to instructor.

Kickboxing and kung fu all the latest styles in stock now at our online shop

Maybe you need some exercise gear to help with speed & power. Than look not further we have wrist curler that can increase your punching power in a matter of weeks.

Or do you need to get a bit more flexibility, why not check out our range of leg stretchers which start at a price that will suit anyone’s budget.

Martial Art Gear Dublin


Martial Art Gear Dublin

Punch Bags Plus clothing for all styles of martial art and boxing. We have a price to suit all types of budgets.

Martial art exercise gear designed just for the world of martial arts. Hand strength arm strength we got something for everyone.

Need a belt holder to display your colored plus black belt.

Just looking for some martial art videos to watch why not check out our YouTube channel Total Combat Sports

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