Martial Art Head Gear

Martial Art Head Gear

Head gear for martial arts or Martial Art Head Gear

Leather / Dipped Foam / Synthetic leather  – All sizes now in stock

Martial Art Head Gear

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dipped foam head size guide

What martial art head gear is right for you.

So many to choose from so where do you begin. First thing you do is have a look at what your other club members are using. By this i mean the style and not the brand name. The style can be open faced or closed face. Than choose a material leather / dipped foam / artificial leather.

Also make sure you get one which is a snug fit. as loose head gear is no protection to you, and head gear that is to tight will just drive you made.

A medium sized head gear will fit most people of average size. But use the guide above to choose a better fit.

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Make sure you also get one with plenty of adjustments in it as you plus the head gear can expand and contract in different temperatures.


  • Look for a Breathable, moisture absorbing, anti-microbial lining.
  • Check that the Ear sections are bound, safeguarding your ears
  • Select one that is Easy to put on and remove


Depending on the style of martial arts you do. You might be restricted on type of head gear that you can use. So before you buy check with your club is there a specific style you will need for training and competitions.

But if you are free  to choose any style a good dipped foam is a good starting point. They are well priced and give good protection for semi contact sports.

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