Martial Art Kick Targets

Looking for martial art kick targets.

Than look no further we have got some of the best selling martial art kick targets that are on the market all in one place.

First up is the multi kick and punch target

This piece of gear is used by all styles of martial arts and is ideal for target kicking.

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Next up is the punch station use mainly for front kicks and punches

But is very good as a Martial Art Kick Targets system

Free Standing Boxing Training Tree Work Station

Speedball with a spin bar now this piece of gear can really test your speed. Give the bar a quick jab than try and kick the ball without getting hit by the bar. It will take real speed to do this. Or you can also use this for punching and use the spin bar as if its a punch coming right back at you.

Speed ball Sparring Bar Spin bar

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Or why not try out the speed ball with kick & punch targets also attached

Plus if you need to harden up you hands a makiwara board is a must have piece of gear for your gym.

wooden makiwara

But what ever target system you try Make sure you stretch out first as you dont want to be given yourself any injury’s

Target system for Karate – Taekwondo – Kickboxing – Muay Thai Plus any other style of martial arts.

It is best to train against someone that is around your level. But when training alone. A target system is a must have item.

Martial Art Kick Targets

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