Martial Arts Around The World

The amazing world of martial arts and the many different styles that make this sport one of the most amazing sports on the planet. From karate to Taekwondo and krav maga to kickboxing which style best suits you and which is best for self defence.

The many different styles of martial arts and the people that practices them. No matter what size or shape you are there is a style of martial arts that will suit you.

Here is a list of some of the more popular ones / Karate / taekwondo / kickboxing / judo / jiu jitsu / BJJ / Kung fu also you must remember that some styles of martial arts are also broken down into different styles. Like for example Karate has a few different styles like shotokan karate is one and Wado-ryu Karate is another style of karate.

Before you choose what style of martial arts you want to join. First thing to do is to think what you want to get from it. Like if its just purely self defence a lot would recommend krav maga. If its competition have a look at the rules involved. Some have no contact and others would be semi contact, than if you want to go full contact there is plenty of styles to accommodate you there as well.

Once you have chosen your style you will find that it takes approx. 3 to 4 years to get your black belt. If some clubs tell you that you will get it in a year or less. It might be a good idea to look for a different club.

Martial arts can be one of the most self satisfying sports you will ever take part in. It pretty much has something for everything. From fitness to self defence to fighting competition that can be no contact right up to full contact. Or try your hand at the many different styles of kata & forms.

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