Martial arts the dark side

Martial Arts The Dark Side

Once you verify that you are over 18 by paying a one time fee of 2 euro you will be automatically connected to a page showing your password for login & login button. Note save your login details as you will need them to login in at all times.

Sometimes things are just to extreme for main stream social media.

Extreme videos showing all styles of martial art fights with extreme graphic breaks and major beatings that are just not for main stream social media. But belong on the Dark side.

Warning viewer discretion is advisable

Images – showing martial arts at its best from extreme breaks to suit malfunctions no holds barred and all uncensored.

Note – This site is 100% legal BUT we do need to verify that you are over 18 to enter Martial Arts The Dark Side website . Its a one off 2 euro fee which will give you unlimited access to all areas and by paying this fee you are confirming that you are over 18 and it is your own card that is used to make payment.

JUST a reminder If you are easily offended or anything else. It might be a good idea not to get your unlimited pass. All videos and images are 100% legal. But there is uncensored nudity on display plus bone breaking gore & guts which would not be allowed on most social media platforms.

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