Belts / Sashs

Martial art Belts & sashs for Karate – Taekwondo plus many other styles

Belt Materials = (100% cotton) / (100% satin)  / (Silk)

100% cotton Black Belts are the most traditional. The colour fades naturally over time and the belt ages beautifully. It also has very good durability and tends to tie better as there is more friction so less slip of the knot.

100% satin Black Belts has a nice shiny look and retains its deep colour for longer. It also has good durability and doesn’t fade or fray as much.

Silk Black Belts are undoubtedly the best looking belt and is truly a luxury. It has a nice shine (but not glare) and ages the most beautifully giving faded, experienced look desired by many. Because of the delicacy of the material it tends to sit the most naturally of the three types, and is the most malleable, however it is the least durable.

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