Cimac Karate Uniform – 7oz White

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Excellent student Karate Uniform

Poly 40%/cotton 60% material

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Excellent student Karate Uniform

Poly 40%/cotton 60% material
Elasticated waistband
Great quality uniform
White belt included

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Karate Uniform

Different styles of Karate have slightly different uniforms though all share the same basic design, differing only in the lengths of sleeves, legs and the skirt of the uwagi (jacket). Many karateka tend to wear their obi (belt) much longer than judoka and other martial artists.

Karategi are sometimes worn to practice other arts, such as jujutsu, when the practitioners are young and can expect to grow out of the gi in a few years; in this case, their reduced durability in comparison to judogi is less of a factor, and buying karategi until the practitioner stops growing is more cost-effective.

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Suit Size

Size 0000 Height 100cm, Size 000 Height 110cm, Size 00 Height 120cm, Size 0 Height 130cm, Size 1 Height 140cm, Size 2 Height 150cm, Size 3 Height 160cm, Size 4 Height 170cm, Size 5 Height 180cm, Size 6 Height 190cm, Size 7 Height 200cm

2 reviews for Cimac Karate Uniform – 7oz White

  1. sharon

    Great suit and great price

  2. Cian

    Great Karate Suit

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