Deluxe Leg Stretcher

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  • Made of a strong metal construction.
  • Smooth action rollers guide your legs into position
  • Padded Seat & Knee supports
  • 360 degrees rotation


This Leg Stretcher is made of a strong metal construction. Smooth action rollers guide your legs into position. Soft padding on all contact areas. Ideal for home or club use. Rotation 360 degrees

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Leg Stretcher

Warnings : If your muscles begin to shake or you feel burning in your muscles, release the stretch slightly until these symptoms abate: you may be over-stretching and causing damage to your muscles.

Avoid rounding your lower back, as this can lead to injury. Always sit up tall and lean forward from the hips, not your back.

Tip : To get the most from your stretching, avoid holding your breath, clenching your jaw, hunching your shoulders or tensing up in any other way. Always forcefully exhale when you increase the depth of your stretch.

Stretch at least three times a week to get maximum benefits from your stretching.

IN Short : Enjoy the leg stretcher as it will work and it will increase you high kicks and power.

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Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 50 cm

2 reviews for Deluxe Leg Stretcher

  1. Neil

    Excellent plus I have used other style leg stretchers which cost twice as much. But I found this one to be as good as them all

  2. Brendan

    Great bit of gear this. I have my leg stretcher a while now. And it just works what else can you say

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