White Diamond Karate Suit 14oz Kids


  • For advanced students and instructors
  • 100% smooth woven cotton canvas
  • Belt not included
  • 400gsm (14oz)

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Introducing the Diamond Kata Karate Gi, meticulously crafted for advanced karate practitioners and esteemed instructors. This Gi showcases a traditional Japanese cut – with shorter sleeves and trousers and a shortened jacket lapel – designed to highlight and enable the high kicks and rapid movements that are integral to Karate.

The minimalist design presents a canvas for personalization, allowing you to proudly display your unique club logos and affiliations. Distinctive features include an elegantly woven Diamond label on the lapel and the top of the left leg, symbolizing the superior Blitz quality.

Made from 100% brushed cotton, this 14oz Gi delivers a lightweight feel while maintaining resilient strength, perfect for the rigors of Kata routines. The trousers are equipped with a convenient tie waist, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit, providing unrestricted movement and flexibility.

The Diamond Kata Karate Gi is available in both traditional white and sleek black, honouring individual preferences and martial arts traditions. Each Gi is accompanied by a drawstring bag for hassle-free storage and transportation. Please note, the belt is not included, allowing you to select one according to your rank and style.

The Diamond Kata Karate Gi – the embodiment of quality, comfort, and tradition with a nod to the roots of Karate.


Click here for adult suit sizes

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Additional information

Suit Size

Size 1 Height 140cm, Size 1.5 Height 145cm, Size 2 Height 150cm, Size 2.5 Height 155cm


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