Pro Tube Chest Expander

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  • Strengthen and condition your upper body muscles
  • Five adjustable rubber resistance tubes
  • Select the best tension intensity for your workout
  • Easy to grip plastic handles with finger indents
  • Lightweight, great to store and easy to clean

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Perfect for conditioning your upper body muscles and strengthening arm power, this versatile chest expander is designed to build your pectoral muscle, latissimus dorsi muscle, shoulder muscles, triceps and overall body muscle. Exercises include pulling overhead to broaden your upper back, pulling behind to build arm muscles or holding out either side to strengthen upper back and arms – the possibilities are endless.

With five adjustable and removable rubber tubes, you can select the best resistance and tension intensity for your workout. Each rubber tube is 40cm long x 0.9cm diameter and, are incredibly durable with good elasticity. The easy to grip plastic handles feature finger indents for a solid hold. This incredibly lightweight chest expander is also easy to store, transport and wipe clean before or after use.

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