The Eliminator Self Defense Karambit Baton


Length = 180mm

Two striking points

Ergonomic, molded handle

Lightweight extra strong filament


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The Eliminator designed by self defense masters.

But can be used by Men & Women with no self defense training or become even more effective with some pressure point training.

If a someone grabs you from behind, you are able to give them a dead leg with strike one and than strike two goes to a pressure point in the head without changing grip

Plus due to the handle and loop design you will have increased power as there will be no slip like a standard kubaton

Made from Lightweight extra strong filament

Increase your striking power due to the ergonomic, molded handle

Less chance of dropping with finger loop

Two striking points

Choice of grip styles to suit everyone

Length = 180mm


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Black, Gold, Grey, White


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