Top Ten Uppercut Punch Bag


  • Top Ten Uppercut Bag
  • New design made for hooks und uppercuts.
  • Six straps secure the bag for hanging. Made of durable vinyl.Colour: Red & Black with Top Ten logo

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UpperCut Punch Bag by top ten
New design made for hooks. Six straps secure the bag for hanging. Made of durable vinyl.

Colour: Red & Black with Top Ten logo

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The uppercut is probably the most improperly thrown punch in boxing.

Everybody knows how to throw a sharp jab, and a hard right hand, and killer left hook. But when it comes to uppercut, oh man…it’s like everybody has their own creative interpretation.

UpperCut Punch Bag are one of the best bags for any style of fighting

If you’ve never been closely adjusted on your uppercut technique by a coach before, there’s a good chance you’re leaving out tons of potential power.

The hardest part about mastering the uppercut
is to disregard the way it looks.

You have to get past the tendencies of dropping the arm, and crouching low, and exploding upwards with the uppercut. And even once you get past these beginner mistakes, you’ll have to adjust a dozen more details before it feels like ‘what the pros do’. It took me at least half a dozen variations by different coaches before I refined my uppercut technique to what it is today. And I’m proud to share those tips with you!

Get under the uppercut,
and DON’T shift weight during the punch.

With your elbows down and palms facing you,
release your arm in a fast sharp compact loop.

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