Wing Chun Tough Plastic Freestanding Dummy

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  • Made from durable plastic PE material
  • Wooden colour body
  • Double sided action
  • Easy to install (5 minutes maximum)
  • Base weight: 73kgs with water filled


An easy to install (5 minutes maximum) Wing Chun dummy. Double sided action, more portable than conventional spinning dummy, comes with instructions and tools.

Made from durable, strong plastic PE material.

Wooden colour for the body, arms, legs and screws. Black colour for the base only.

Base weight: 73kgs with water filled.


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The Wing Chun dummy is the most popular form of wooden dummy.

A popular legend says it came about when 108 separate wooden dummies from the Shaolin Temple were combined into one.

By the nun Ng Mui to make training more efficient and effective.

This training aid uses an arm and leg configuration designed to cultivate fighting skill.

The Hong Kong wooden dummy is a wall mounted version of the Wing Chun Wooden Dummy that hangs using two wooden slats through the body of the wooden dummy.

Older versions of the Wing Chun wooden dummy were originally placed in the ground.

The modern design was created by Yip Man in Hong Kong to fit the needs of living in an apartment.


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3 reviews for Wing Chun Tough Plastic Freestanding Dummy

  1. Mick

    Great Wing Chun dummy to work with as it has two heights to use. The plastic is stronger than what I expected it to be and is well able to take plenty of abuse

  2. Liam

    I was looking for a timber wing chun dummy But they are just to expensive to buy. So I settled on this one. It is good and does the job but its not timber

  3. Rod

    Wing Chun dummy at its best Love my as it has two height to work with which is better than the timber ones plus its only half the price of a timber one

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