X Strike Shield


Extra thick and extra long shield
Flat surface area perfect for general workouts
Three straps at the back and two on the sides
Ideal for MMA and martial arts training for kicks, punches, elbows and knees
Dimensions: 71cm x 35cm x 17cm

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X Strike Shield is Ideal for MMA and martial arts training for kicks, punches, elbows and knees. Three straps at the back and two on the sides increase functionality options. Can be held length ways or on its side, giving a wide range of training possibilities. Larger than most other shields it offers great protection to the user. Flat surface area makes this shield perfect for general work outs, whilst building speed and stamina. Tough and durable; can handle the most gruelling of workouts. Inner core is made from a light weight, high density foam. Made from a treated vinyl. Dimensions: 71cm x 35cm x 17cm


X Strike Shield

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Tip :  How to use a kicking shield for martial arts training.

First Kicking shields are thickly padded training tools used as a target for a martial artist’s kicks and punches. Where as a kicking paddle is often used for kicking accuracy.

X Strike Shield are usually used to practice kicking power. Moreover, kicking shields can be carried and used to practice kicks on the move (versus a heavy punch bag )

The holder of the X Strike shield will either hold the shield stationary or use it as a semi-moving target.

In stationary drills while holding the X Strike shield the holder will keep the shield in one position so the kicker can easily repeat a specific kick (like holding a kicking shield against the side of their body in order to allow students to practice the roundhouse kick).

In moving target drills, the holder will change the height of the  X Strike shield and angle and or distance of the shield in order to force the kicker to try different kicks.

But in the moving target drills.

You should keep the shield stationary until your training partner has hit the pad. This will help to prevent your partner from missing the shield and possibly over extending their knee or hitting you.

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