Punch Bags for martial arts & Boxing

Punch Bags for martial arts & Boxing

There are many styles of punch bags on the market today. But which type will suit you best. Now that is the question.

First thing to look at is where are you going to put the bag. Because there is no point in getting a six foot punch bag if you have a low ceiling. It just will not fit, as you must also think of the bracket and hanging chain.

There are two types of punch bags. Hanging punch bag and a freestanding punch bag

The main one is the hanging punch bag. But if you don’t have a solid wall to put a bracket on or some place to put a ceiling hook. Than this type of punch bag will not do you.

punch bag

Freestanding punch bags are now very popular as you can place them more or less anywhere. They can be easy moved around a room to allow for best kicking and punching position.

century bob xl punch bag totalcombat

Once you have decided on which style you are going for. You now must choose from the many different types there is in each style.

Hanging punch bags come in many different types and sizes. You have a straight style which comes in different lengths from 3 foot up to six foot. Plus you a have different shapes.

Top Ten Uppercut Punch Bag

Plus now you also have a choice of filling which goes into a punch bag. Most punch bags are filled with a cloth which is shredded into small pieces so it can become more compact. Or now you can have a water filled punch bag. These bags are now getting very popular as they can be shipped around the world very cheaply. But the main benefit is when you hit a water filled punch bag it adsorbs the power from your punch a lot better. Which is less stress on you joints.

Freestanding punch bags also come in many different types and sizes. One of the main styles been sold today is the human torso style punch bag. It is made with a skin like rubber and filled with shock absorbing foam. These bags can make training seem more realistic. Also a very popular style is a cardio freestanding punch bag. These are a lighter bag and designed to be a bit more flexible. They are designed for speed training not power punching and kicking.

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