Punch Bags Ireland

Punch Bags Ireland

Punch Bags Ireland

Here at punch bags Ireland we have teamed up with TotalCombat.net to bring you the best Punch bags in Ireland.

Most bags will ship to any part of Ireland within 3 working days with only ā‚¬20 shipping cost.

All Punch sold on our website are suitable for gym or home use and are designed to take maximum abuse by all styles of martial arts & Boxers.

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Or may be you have no place to hang a punch bag. Than you are in luck. we have one of the biggest selections of freestanding punch bags in Ireland.

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Maybe you need a punch bag that is designed for upper cuts or Muay Thai knees plus any other kind of move you can dream of. Than look no further here at Punch Bags Ireland we have you covered.

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Or what about the all new aqua punch bags which are water filled and can absorb your blows which will reduce joint wear and tear.

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Want to learn more about our top selling aqua punch bag than watch a short video here on our you tube channel

How To choose the right punch bag

The first thing you got to think about is where you are going to put the punch bag and how much room you have. If you have room for any punch bag than the sky’s the limit.

Next thing to consider is what you are going to be hitting it with. is it all punchs or is it kicks knees and punch.

If its just all punch’s than a short heavy bag will do or one of the bigger aqua punch bags.

But if you are planing on kicking punching plus just about anything else. Maybe you should choose one of the longer bags like a six or five foot bag. Or any of the big freestanding bags will do.

Century BOB

Punch Bags Ireland & Total Combat

With Nationwide shipping through out Ireland

Hanging punch bags / Freestanding Punch Bags / Shaped Punch Bags / Aqua Punch Bags

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