Punch Bags Munster Ireland

Punch Bags Munster Ireland

Punch Bags Munster Ireland

Here at Punch Bags Munster Ireland we supply all styles of punch bags for gym and home use.
WE have now joined forces with TotalCombat.net to bring you one of the best services for punch bags in Munster Ireland.

We have a nationwide delivery option. Plus we can now offer overseas delivery to most countries in Europe.

One of our best selling punch bags is now the aqua punch bag. Which is now available in a range of different colours and sizes. The aqua punch bag is water filled and is a very heavy bag. Once you switch to an aqua punch bag you will find it hard to go back to a standard bag. But if its a standard punch bag. We have the best on the market with one of the best price s you will find in Europe.

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Not sure what style of punch bag will best suit you. Than first ask yourself if you will be mostly kicking the bag or punching the bag. If its both maybe a six foot hanging punch bag will suit you. If its only boxing than a smaller in length bag will do plus any of the aqua punch bags.

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Maybe you are looking for something a bit more realistic. Than have a look at out century bob freestanding punch bag range. These bags also come with a two year manufactures warranty. They are designed for gym or home use and can take a serious amount of abuse.

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Shaped Punch Bags are also very popular as you can perform a range of moves from uppercuts to muay thai knees. A good uppercut punch bag does not come cheap . But if you buy one hear you can rest assure that you are getting the best on the market today.

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But no matter what style of martial art or boxing you do. We have a punch bag that will suit you. So if its karate / taekwondo / kung fu or any of the many other styles of martial arts we got you covered.

Punch Bags Munster Ireland

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