Rayna Vallandingham Taekwondo Champion

Rayna Vallandingham Taekwondo Champion

Rayna Vallandingham Taekwondo Champion

Rayna is the youngest black belt martial artist to attain 12 World Championship Titles. In 2011, at age 8,

Rayna Vallandingham Taekwondo Champion is a World Champion.

Rayna won 4 World Titles in Little Rock, Ark (the Triple Crown in Traditional; Forms, Weapons, Sparing and Creative Weapons) making her the youngest black belt ever to win a Championship (competing against girls twice her size and a number of years older).

The next year (2012) she won 6 more world championships (Triple Crown in Traditional, Creative Weapons, XMA Forms, and XMA Weapons), and in 2013 she won the XMA Forms World Championship.

After winning her latest World Championship she flew to Los Angeles to debut in Phillip Rhee’s film “Underdogs” as Leticia. Rayna has traveled across the globe; performing, teaching, and making appearances.

Rayna Vallandingham Taekwondo Champion

She has also modeled and explored other areas of the entertainment industry; such as writing, stunts, and more.

She is a Brand Ambassador for the American Tae Kwon Do Association; as she films campaigns, videos, does interviews, photo shoots, appearances, etc.

She was the youngest to compete in the 12-14 group on ESPN, and performed in front an audience of thousands of people.

Vallandingham is a part of the Youth by Shawn Mendes music video, in which she demonstrates her martial arts skills along with many other talented individuals in this monumental video.

Rayna continues to attend acting classes in Los Angeles frequently, and has many exciting projects nearing.


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