Samurai Swords

Samurai Swords The Top 3 greatest ever made

Is this the greatest top 3 of Samurai Swords ever made. What do you think.

Before firearms ruled the world, the blade ruled the battlefield.

And, out of all the swords in history  from the saber to the broadsword the katana from Japan is by far the most iconic.

Watch video above to see 3 of the greatest samurai swords ever made.

The Katana a sword that will be around for thousands of years to come.

Samurai Swords

An entire martial art was created just to learn how to appropriately use the samurai sword,and it was dubbed Kenjutsu or Kendo as it is know today.

The katana was not only a weapon of war but a mercy tool to assist in a ritualistic Japanese suicide called seppuku, which was carried out when a warrior brought shame to himself.

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Hamon: The differential line in the hardening of the blade.

Hi: A longitudinal groove on the blade to make it lighter. It also absorbs and distributes shock stress, preventing the blade from being damaged.

Habaki: A wedge-shaped metal collar used to keep the blade from falling out of the wooden scabbard.

Kaeshizuno: A hook used to lock the katana’s scabbard onto the obi (sash on a kimono).

Kissaki: The tip of the katana.

Koiguchi: The opening of the katana’s scabbard.

Menuki: The ornaments found on the hilt of the sword.

Nagasa: The length of the sword.

Same-kawa: Liner for the handle of the blade.

Saya: The wooden scabbard for the sword.

Sori: The curvature of the blade.

Tsuba: A guard or buckler used for decoration.

Tsuka: The handle of the blade, which is made long enough two hands to grip.

Tsuka-ito: The stringing of the handle.

Wari-bashi: A pocket to store metal chopsticks.

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