What Women Wear Under Their Martial Art Suits

What Women Wear Under Their Martial Art Suits

What do women wear at martial art training for protection plus to keep everything in place. Below are a few idea’s to get you started.

First up if its a karate suit or Taekwondo suit you wear. You are going to need to keep your breasts under control and stop them from popping out or having a little nip slip. A simple rash guard will help with this Plus they are very comfortable to wear under your suit. All that is need than is your favourite sports bra under the rash guard. A T-shirt can also be used but will not have the same support as a rash guard. As T-shirts have been know to stretch a little bit to far in some cases or become see through if you sweat a lot.

Rash Guard

But if you need a bit more protection for your breasts. Than you need to be looking at the solid guards These will protect you from punches & kicks. So if it is a semi contact or full contact martial martial art you do there is a few types there. The Female Maxi Guard Vest & Insert is one of the more popular one for women. as the hard breast guards and the vest are separate and can be changed as you grow. Vest can also be worn on its own.

Maxi Guard Vest
Maxie Guard Vest insert

Maxie VEST : Can used as a training vest
Breathable fabric for ventilation
Layered pocket ensures plastic insert does not touch the skin

Maxie Vest Guard : Tough perspex guard for maximum protection
Ventilation holes ensure you keep cool
Great for protecting the whole upper chest area
Made from moulded polyethylene

Another popular option is the Female Cool Guard – Sports Bra which can be used as a standard sports bra or it can take Cool Guard inserts for maxium breast protection.

Female Sports Bra
Female sports bra inserts

Once you have the top half sorted what do you do with the groin area. a lot will depend on the style of martial arts you do. If its karate or taekwondo which has mostly kicking and punching than a simple female groin protector worn over the under wear will do.

female groin protector
Femail Groin Protector

BUT what if its judo or Jiu Jitsu you do than you may need a little stronger under wear than normal. A lot of women will wear shorts or something similar over there underwear. You can also get long legged rash guard which are very comfortable to wear under you suit.

What not to Wear under your suit

BUT what you don’t want is to end up like is the girl in the image below. Fancy been at a training session and you have a circle of people watching you and up pops your G-string

What Not to wear under you suit

A good pair of bike shorts or similar will save a lot of hassle. and with a good pair of shorts, even if your suit got half ripped off it won’t leave you feeling embarrassed. BUT for some wearing shorts is just not an option for as they say they just over heat to much.

So in short what you should wear under your suit the answer is what ever you feel comfortable in. Plus if your suit comes undone or gets ripped. Just ask yourself what you don’t mind people seeing under neat,and there is your answer as to what to wear under your suit. What you don’t mind people seeing.

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