charlie zelenoff GOAT

Who Is Charlie Zelenoff G.O.A.T

Why would anyone even want to know who Charlie Zelenoff is, I can hear you say. Well he is the self proclaimed Greatest Of All Time (Goat) Why and how did this happen in the world of Boxing.

You still not interested. I can understand that but if the man done nothing else he did make some entertaining video which you can view below.

Charlie Zelenoff even took on Floyd Mayweather Sr yes that right Floyd Mayweather, Mind you it is senior floyd and he only seems to be playing around with Charlie. But it happened and its real in Charlie Zelenoff mind and also in his mind is that he won the fight.

Video below Shows Charlie Vs Floyd Sr

Than what about his fight with Deontay Wilder yes the one and only Deontay Wilder the world heavy weight boxing champion. It happened and even do Charlie Zelenoff ran out the door. He still claims he won the fight.

So who is this Guy Charlie Zelenoff who Stars in his own YouTube videos where he spars with random people. He tell these random people that he just wants a bit of light sparring Than goes hell for leather as hard as he can. Catching most people of guard. Once he has done this he claims it as a victory. BUT is some cases he has taken on the wrong person and it back fires.

The Charlie Video below is one of my all time favourits and is well worth watching till the end

Charlie Zelenoff Goat

But to the mans credit he did have one pro fight, with a fighter with a 1-13 record. Charlie lost this fight due to disqualification for spitting his mouth guard out 3 times in Less than 2 minutes. But in good old Charlie fashion he claims he won this fight. How I am not sure but his mind works a little different from the rest of us I think. So anything is possible in Charlie Zelenoff The G.O.A.T ‘s mind
Opinions vary if he is pulling an Andy Kauffman stunt, mentally ill or on drugs

Below Is a video showing How Charlie Zelenoff got started A True story I Think.

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